Our rooms equipped with:


--- Eclectic Room ---

El Cuarto de Tula

“Enjoying Havana.” The smallest one but the most tropical and sensual one. Cuban eclecticism is characterized by a mixture of various elements and by the study of the xx century. It exposes carnival colors and today’s city.

--- Art Deco Room ---

Mambo Number Five

“Relaxing”. It is majestic and calm. The ideal room to rest in couple. Art Deco arrived at Cuba with strong American influence in the 20s and is distinguished by its graphics, furniture and design, which is still present in the city.

--- Vintage Room ---

Hoy Como Ayer

“It is ideal to share with family and friends.” Spacious and colorful. In the 50s we can find the most authentic and representative period of Cuban architecture. Buildings, design, furniture and cars are all an exceptional characteristic of the city.

--- Contemporary Room ---

Gozando en La Habana

“To enjoy the view of the sea.” It is located on the third floor.This space is designed by contemporary codes and furnitures created by young Cuban designers referring to Afrocuban Religion.

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