Malecón 663 is a project that arrived due to the unexpected effect that music can cause in its universal language when it manages to unite two extremes of the world, France and Cuba. It is a final product that we happily call "La Combinación Perfecta"(The Perfect Combination), an old house from the beginning of the XX century renovated in a Hotel-Boutique. A small and cozy space of Havana was the purpose of Sandra and Orlandito, an Innovative woman French and a Charanguero; Two passionate people who gave birth to this excellent place Centro-Habanero.


MALECÓN 663, a small and friendly Hotel in Habana, cozy and colorful that provides a professional and personalized service in a relaxing Vintage atmosphere, with a panoramic view over the Malecón Habanero. Dream and conceived to highlight in all its spaces the styles and times, for which this centenary building has gone through and its musical relationship, thus baptizing its spaces with names of songs that were hits in its times, such as the Cuarto de Tula, Hoy como Ayer, Píntate los Labios Maria and Gozando en La Habana. We make the premises a different space, creating from the roots of Cuban music an original product and the team of family members, designers, architects, engineers and friends that slogan that characterizes and identifies us: "The perfect combination".

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