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WHO WE ARE at Malecón 663

More than a boutique hotel, Malecón 663 is a space where we want to highlight CUBANÍA in all its facets: music, art, architecture, fashion, design, gastronomy and hospitality, among many others….

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Malecón 663


Exclusively Cuban initiative that highlights the essence of the island through local and artisanal products, focusing on Cuban cultural identity while promoting reuse and creativity.

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Sustainable Tourism

-) Reuse and customization of furniture using local materials and artisanal techniques.
-) Creation of absorbent tableware from natural materials, such as glasses, plates and cups, made by hand.
-) Recycling rum bottles to make unique glasses and vases.
-) Adoption of natural and organic products from local farms in the kitchen, promoting sustainable agriculture.
-) Commitment to the community through the organization of events to share with children and neighbors, promoting integration and cultural exchange.
-) Offering amenities in the rooms, such as soaps and natural oils made by hand, to provide an authentic and responsible experience.
-) Proposal of local activities and experiences in the neighborhood and its surroundings so that guests can discover authentic Cuban life and contribute to local development.



Music is one of the fundamental pillars of Cuban culture. For this reason, at Malecón 663 we pay tribute to the Cuban music scene. Every room, space, cocktail or dish in our hotel is named after a Cuban song, and at every sunset we brighten up the evenings with a different musical genre.
In addition, the doors are always open to all artists, designers, specific events, art or design biennials, music festivals, national or international days, temporary exhibitions, video clips, TV programs…..etc


We want to show that in Cuba hardship and scarcity have led to the development of a lot of creativity, love and joy...

You will discover a unique universe... Welcome!!!

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Totally Made in Cuba project, with local and artisanal products, highlighting Cubanía, recycling and creating

  • Recycling and customizing furniture
  • Using handmade absorbent cups, plates, cups
  • Recycling rum bottles, making glasses and bucaros out of them
  • Using only natural organic products in the kitchen, purchased from local farms
  • Sharing with the community, children and neighbors, during the designated days and events
  • Amenities in the rooms; Handcrafted natural soaps and oils
  • Proposing local experiences in the neighbourhood and neighbourhood

Concept Store

Open every day from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., our concept store “SOMOS DIFFERENTES” is a small corner in the lobby where local designers and artists can sell their latest collections made in Cuba (cosmetics, fashion and decoration accessories).

We support local development, and talented young entrepreneurs.

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